Ten thousand for a thief: part 4

Winston entered the bathroom.His three piece suit and patten leather shoes looked a bit out of proportion.

"Hot date Winston?" Darren said teasingly.

"Yes with my ex's lawyer. Thrill thrill. Mistress wants you to get dressed with what I laid on the bed and to be ready to leave in half and hour." replied Winston as he turned and walked away.

Laying on the bed was a pair of dark-blue dress pants, light blue shirt, matching socks and dress shoes. Darren sighed hoping for jeans and tenny shoes but dressed and headed to Mistress's room. Knocking on the door, he waited. No one answered. He knocked again and waited, still no reply. Easing the door open he entered.There staring at him was Mistress on the bed. His lower lip dropped as his eyes grew wide. He had just broken a rule and he knew it.

"Patience is not one of your virtues is it boy?"

"No Mistress, it doesn't seem to be. I was just worried that something was wrong."

"Really boy, are you sure it wasn't a means to have a peek into my room?"

Darren knew he could lie, yet something inside him nagged at him. If he told the truth he was in trouble, yet he couldn't bare looking into her eyes and lying.

"Well I was curious I admit."

"So you lied as well as entered a forbidden room boy?"

Looking down to avoid her eyes he whispered," Yes Mistress."

"We will deal with this later in the day, go get Kim and meet me in the hallway. I am very displeased with you boy!"

Darren sighed and left the room, his balls already aching in anticipation of what was to come. The pain from the time before had left them tender and sore. Gathering Kim they waited as instructed. Mistress entered in a wine-colored dress suit, her hair perfect and an air of authority in her walk and the way she presented herself.

"Darren we are going to be heading out of town today for some shopping. You will drive us Darren. Do you know where the pet store on Wilson avenue is?" asked Mistress.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, that is our first stop. Now let's get going."

The pet store was down town amidst all the shops.Traffic was thick and slow, giving Darren time to think. Why were they going to a pet shop when there were no pets in the house? Parking the car as close as possible, Darren got out and opened the door for Mistress and Kim.

"Mistress may I ask why we are here, we have no pets in the house or on the grounds?" said Darren.

"Oh but boy, there are many uses for pet supplies other than on a pet. Kim lift your skirt and show Darren your tags."

Kim began to squirm as she lifted her skirt to reveal the small ring in her clit hood that now held a tag which read, property of Mistress M. Darren could hardly belief his eyes.

"Oh my god!" he said with a smile.

"Come we have shopping to do. You two may wonder around the shop while I pick out what I need." said Mistress.

Pets of every description and size were scattered about the room. Every imaginable supply was available. Mistress gathered a few things and called Darren over to her.

Lifting a two inch wide dog collar she motioned for Darren to kneel. Looking around at the other customers, he hesitated. Mistress cleared her throat in a warning. Darren looked to her with pleading eyes. She motioned to the floor again.

"Can't we please go in back Mistress?There are so many people here?"

The sudden tightening of the collar on his balls was all it took to bring him back into line. Humiliated, he knelt. Mistress released the pressure on his balls then placed the collar around his neck, securing it closed with a small pad lock. It was there til she decided to remove it. Hanging from the hook on the front was a tag like Kims. In the back was a D hook for other reasons which he was about to find out what for sooner than expected. Taking Darren by the hand she lead him to the back of the store to the stock room. Looking him straight in the eyes, she sighed.

"You know, you have a lot of potential to be anything you want boy. It's there, it just needs to be set free. I had hoped today would go without incident. But instead you start the day off with trashing my faith and trust in you. First you broke a rule, and knew what you were doing was wrong, Then you choose to lie to me. Yesterday did I not reward you with the pleasure of Kims body? Did I not share with you my most precious gifts?" she asked.

Darren fidgeted. A feeling of despair encased him as if he had just committed the ultimate sin."I am so sorry Mistress, I know it was wrong and I promise to never do that again. Please forgive me this one time?"

"You will earn it boy. Now drop your pants and spread those legs!"

Nervously, Darren released the buttons on his trousers, then the zipper, letting them fall to his ankles. Standing perfectly still, he closed his eyes and breathed in one last deep breath in preparation for the pain to come.

Mistress attached a small chain that ran from the back of his collar down between the cheeks of his ass teasing his ass hole and connected it to the ring on his collar that surrounded his balls. The constant tugging tormenting his sore balls and his ass hole.

"Pants back up boy!"

Bending to pull up his trousers, he realized that that wasn't the smartest way to go as the chain grew tighter and brought a whimper from his lips. Once they were back in place Mistress turned him facing her.

"That will take care of the entering forbidden places, now for the lie. Open your shirt boy, then put those hands behind your neck!" she ordered.

Darren slipped each button open till his chest was bare. Slipping his hands behind his neck, he waited. Taking her nails, Mistress toyed with his small nipples till they stood out enough to please her. Pinching and pulling them till Darren squirmed.

"Close your eye's boy!"

Closing his eyes, Darren waited. The sudden and unfamiliar bite of the clamps brought him off the floor and onto his tip toes.

"Oh shit shit that hurts Mistress! Please take them off, please!"

"No they will remain there till I am ready to remove them and if you continue to complain as you brought this on yourself, they will remain there till bedtime boy. Is that clear?"

Chewing on his lips as the pain increased, he nodded yes and then started to pant. The new feeling was not one he cared for and if silence meant getting them off sooner, silence was what he would give her.

When they entered the room where the other customers were, Darren wondered if anyone could see the clamps through his shirt or noticed the funny way he was walking. Kim came over and wrapped her arms around him pushing the clamps downward causing him to gasp.

"I thought so, got those nasty clamps on!" she stated loud enough for everyone to hear as Darren turned three shades of red. Mistress paid for the articles and motioned for them to follow her to the car. As Darren went to sit down, he encountered another surprise. The chain dug deeper into his ass cheeks and pressed against his ass hole uncomfortably. By the time they had visited two more stores, Darrens nipples were numb from the pain and his ass hole was afire.

Their last stop was a toy shop. As Darren and Kim followed Mistress in, they looked at each other and Kim whispered. "Wonder what we are here for?" Darren shrugged. Mistress walked straight to the back of the store and entered the room at the end of the hall way. There behind a desk was a man in his early forties.

Pointing to Darren she said, "Here is the boy I told you of, is he to your liking?"

"Most definitely!" replied the man as he stood and came over to run his hands over Darren who pulled away. The man acting offended turned to Mistress and grunted.

"Darren to the wall hands above your head NOW!" she said in an angry tone.

"But Mistress I don't like him touching me!"

"Did I ask you what you like boy? No, get your ass to that wall or those balls are going to be so smashed it will take plastic surgery to make them look human again!"

Reluctantly, Darren walked to the wall and raised his hands. The man walked over and secured Darrens wrists in the steal restraints that hung there. Smiling he grabbed a handful of Darrens hair and pulled back, his face so close Darren could smell the garlic he'd had at lunch.

"Now pull away boy!" he snarled as he let go of Darrens hair and began to run his hands down Darren's chest. Feeling the clips, he began to unbutton the shirt. Pulling it to the sides, he smiled. "Nice tender nipples I bet!" he said as he tugged at the chain between them pulling Darrens tender flesh upward till Darren bit his lip to keep from screaming in pain. Without warning he pulled them free, the blood rushing into them made Darren howl. Leaning forward the man sucked the right one into his mouth and tormented it as Darren tried to pull free only to have the man bite it gently but enough to hold him in place. Moving to the next nipple, he did like wise to Darrens dismay
"Darren do you know why you are here with another man fondling your nipples and having his way with you?" asked Mistress.

"NO Ma'am, but if you tell me I'll never do it again I swear! Please just make him go away!"

"You are here because I own you and it pleases me for starters. The main reason is to put you back in your place. You have challenged me all day, hesitated following orders, whined and bitched bout punishments. I will not tolerate such behavior it will be dealt with harshly. No, you will beg this fellow to suck your cock and make you cum as it pleases your Mistress to watch you surrender to another man!"
"Ma'am I can't do that!" cried Darren as the man continued to toy with his nipples.

"You not only can but you will or you will hate the alternative boy, your choice either beg him to suck your cock and make you cum or he gets to suck it and leave it hard as he takes that virgin ass hole of yours and fills it with his cum." said Mistress in an angry tone of voice.

Swallowing back his pride, Darren whispered, "Please suck my cock and make me cum for my Mistress's pleasure."

"Louder boy, I can't hear you!"scolded Mistress.

"Please suck my cock and make me cum for my Mistress's pleasure Sir!" he shouted.

With that the man reached and clutched Darrens cock through his pants and gave it a squeeze. Smiling, the man practically ripped the buttons and zipper free and pushed the trousers to the floor. To Darrens horror his cock was already rock hard and leaking pre cum.

"Lie to yourself boy but that cock doesn't care who is making it hard." said the man as he licked the tip of Darrens cock clean. Wrapping his lips around Darrens cock he greedily sucked and massaged Darrens balls. Squeezing till Darren would shift on his feet. Harder and harder the man sucked, Darren closed his eyes and wondered off into another world, the pleasure this was bringing at the hands of another man was to much to bear so he fantasized that Kim was kneeling there. Within minutes cum was spurting from the head of his cock, filling the hungry mans mouth. Licking the head of Darrens cock clean the man stood, kissed Darren softly on the lip and walked away.

Kim quickly released Darrens wrist and the chain that was attached to his collars. Once he was dressed Mistress pointed to the floor beneath her feet. "Tell me boy, what did you learn today?"

"Never to disobey an order or break a rule and never to complain about my punishments if I bring them on myself Mistress."

"Very good boy, I trusted you to follow your rules and to do so with honor. Keep that in mind. Now shall we go finish our shopping?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said as he rose and kissed her on the cheek.

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Ten thousand for a thief: part 4